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Airtel gave a blow, made the minimum monthly recharge plan expensive


Airtel Minimum Monthly Recharge Plan: Bharti Airtel has shocked its customers. It has increased the price of its minimum recharge mobile plan. However, this increase has not been done for everyone. Rather only for the customers of Haryana and Odisha. Listed on the company’s website, the minimum monthly recharge plan price has been increased by around 57 percent in both the states. This amount has now become Rs 155 after tax.

what are the plans now
Currently, the minimum recharge plan of Airtel in Haryana and Odisha was priced at Rs 99. It was offering 200MB mobile data along with calls at 2.5 paise per second. The company will now offer a Rs 155 plan in its place. In this, unlimited voice calling will be given with a total of 1 GB data and 300 SMS.

started increasing tariffs
According to a PTI report, Airtel has started trial of the new plan. On the basis of this trial, it can be implemented all over India. The report states that the telecom company may soon end all 28-day validity plans with SMS, calling and data priced below Rs 155. That means there will be no such plan left with him that is cheaper than Rs.150.

What is the opinion of experts
ICICI Securities said Bharti Airtel has started market-testing tariff hike in Haryana and Odisha circles. In the earlier recharge of Rs 99, talk-time of Rs 99 was available. Very limited data of 200 MB was also available. Its validity is 28 days. In contrast, now the new plan is Rs 155. The ICICI Securities report states that there has been a massive 57 per cent increase in the minimum recharge value, and has been done in a customer segment where affordability matters the most.

may have to reduce the price
Airtel has taken the first step to implement the tariff hike in the current market conditions. It is expected that it will now wait for a competitive reaction. If it doesn’t get support, it may have to reintroduce the Rs 99 pack. It is difficult to say who will make the next move to hike tariffs. That is, live or vi.

Airtel has done the same before
The report said that Airtel had started similar market testing in 2021 as well. Then it had increased its minimum recharge offer from Rs 79 to Rs 99 in select circles. It is also estimated that Vi may benefit from this. That is such that Vi may also implement the tariff hike but with a slightly more affordable plan than Airtel or may even not implement it for a short period of time. Because this will encourage the price sensitive customers towards Vi.


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