Bank Shares: Money doubled in 6 months

Banking Stock Returns: Today the Sensex fell by 518.64 points and 147.70 points. Despite the fall in the stock market, the shares of five public sector banks today reached their 52-week high. Shares of Central Bank of India, Indian Bank, Punjab National Bank, UCO Bank and Union Bank of India hit their 52-week high today.

Central Bank of India

First of all, public sector banks talk about Central Bank of India. Shares of Central Bank of India opened higher today despite the fall in the market, with this gain the stock of the bank reached 52-week high. The stock of the bank reached ₹26.45 today. Central bank stocks have been on a positive note since the beginning of the year. In the last 6 months, the Central Bank has given more than 46% return to its shareholders.

2. Indian Bank

The stock of public sector Indian Bank also touched its 52-week high today. Last week also the bank’s stock had performed well. The company’s stock touched a 52-week high on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday last week as well. Investors have made better profits in the last six months. In these days, the shares of the bank have reached the level of Rs.275 from the level of about Rs.156.70. In the last 6 months, the bank has given a return of more than 72 percent. The bank’s stock has given more than 90 per cent returns to investors this year.

3. Punjab National Bank

Not only Indian Bank but PNB has also made its investors rich. PNB shares hit 52-week high for the second consecutive session. Today the bank’s stock hit a fresh 52-week high of Rs 47.80. In 2022, PNB has made investors a lot of money. In the last six months the bank has jumped from the level of ₹30.60 to the level of ₹47.80. The share price has increased by about 55 per cent during this period.

4. UCO Bank

Even after the fall, the stock of this government bank has seen a gain of 17 percent more today. With this gain, the stock of the bank has reached a 52-week high of 18.90. UCO Bank stock has gained momentum in the second quarter of the current financial year. In the last one month, the stock of this company has given a return of 47 percent to the investors. If we talk about the last 6 months, then its stock has seen an increase of 60 percent.

5. Union Bank of India

The stock of Union Bank of India opened with a green mark today despite the fall. Touching the mark of 75.80, the bank’s stock has touched its fresh 52-week high. The bank’s stock is running upwards since May 2022. In the last six months, Union Bank has given 108 per cent return to the shareholders.

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