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SBI Life Insurance: This is the best policy of 2022


Benefits of SBI Life Insurance

  • SBI offers a wide range of term, unit-linked, savings, investment, retirement, moneyback and child plans.
  • The company provides plans online, buying an insurance plan is simple and quick through registration.
  • Every plan from SBI Life is unique and includes a variety of options to meet your needs as well as your budget.
  • SBI Life Insurance offers the best life insurance plans at low premium rates.
  • Some SBI Life Insurance plans offer a wide range of options at low premium rates.
  • SBI Life gives better service.

SBI Life – eShield Plan

SBI Life’s eShield plan is a non-participating, non-linked pure term assurance plan, this plan offers customized benefits for individuals seeking better financial protection for family members at the most affordable rates. The scheme also gives better benefits to individuals who maintain a healthy lifestyle.
The minimum age to buy the plan is 18 years and the maximum entry age is 70 years.
– The minimum policy term is 5 years, and the maximum policy term is 30 years. SBI eShield offers a basic sum assured of Rs 20,000.
– The plan also includes an additional Accidental Death Benefit rider benefit.
– Choose from three plan options to meet your protection needs.
Life insurance covers you till 100 years or 85 years. The duration of the cover depends on the premium.

SBI Life – Smart Humsafar Plan

SBI Life – Smart Humsafar Plan is one of its kind plan designed by the company for married couples. It also gives other benefits along with security.

It is a non-linked joint life participating endowment plan. It provides several savings and insurance benefits for both husband and wife.
It provides financial protection against emergencies while the insured is alive and after death. For the first three years, a minimum bonus of 2.50 per cent of the Basic Sum Assured is guaranteed.
Another advantage of buying an insurance plan is that premiums are waived off in case of death of any of the life insured for the policies in force.
The basic sum assured in this plan is Rs 1,000,000 and the policy term is at least 10 years.
In case of death of any of the life assured under an active policy, the premium is waived off.

SBI Life – Smart Power

SBI Life – Smart Power Insurance Plan is a straightforward, low-cost insurance cover that adapts to the changing needs of the policyholder.
Introduced in October 2015, this plan has two options, Level Cover and Growth Cover. It has two fund options, Trigger Fund, which offers the advantage of buying low and selling high, and Smart Fund, which has a choice of seven funds.
In this plan, the policy can be bought for 10, 15 and 30 years.
– The minimum age group to buy the plan is 18 years – The maximum age is 65 years.

SBI Life – CSC Simple Sanchay

SBI Life – CSC Saral Sanchay is a non-linked, joint life management plan with savings and life insurance coverage.

This plan helps policyholders to save for future goals and support their families in achieving those goals.
– SBI Life – CSC Saral Sanchay offers a guaranteed interest rate of 1.00 per cent per annum for the duration of the policy term.
This scheme is suitable for people in the age group of 18 to 60 years.



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