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Bought lottery ticket for the first time, luck made him the owner of Rs 8 crore

8 crore won from Powerball ticket

A woman lives in Michigan, USA. He bought his first Powerball lottery ticket and won a prize of Rs 8 crore from it. According to reports, the name of this woman is Joni Thompson. He bought a Powerball ticket in November itself, that too for the first time. According to the woman, she bought the ticket at Country Corner Supermarket in Stanwood, Michigan.

Powerball ticket not bought before

Thompson says he’s never bought a Powerball ticket before. The reason behind why he bought this ticket is very interesting. Thompson says that he saw huge prize money in the lottery. Attracted by this, he decided to buy a lottery ticket. Thompson says she’s never participated in Powerball before. But when he saw the jackpot prize of over $1 billion, he bought the ticket.

How to get reward information

When the prize for the lottery winner was announced, Thompson saw a post on social media. It said someone in Mecosta County had won a $1 million prize. This amount is Rs 8 crore in Indian currency. After seeing this post, she went to the lottery site. Then checked my number there. She was overjoyed to see that she herself had won the $1 million prize.

hard to believe

According to Thompson, when she found out that all five of her lottery numbers matched and she had won a huge prize, she screamed with joy. He asked his son to check the ticket again. In fact he was finding it very hard to believe. She says that how happy she is with this prize money, she cannot even describe it.

what will you do with the money

Thompson says she has no words to describe her feelings. As far as the use of the money won in the lottery is concerned, Thompson will invest a part of it in the business. She intends to invest this money in her new business. She will keep the rest of the money in her savings account. For your information, let us tell you that in this way many people have become millionaires in America. Every week such news keeps coming out from one state or the other.


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