Tips & Tricks: Don’t be upset if you lose your job, become strong in these 5 ways


How to deal layoff: Since the beginning of November, big companies around the world have started retrenchment of employees. After this step of big companies, there is a cloud of crisis on jobs. Major giant companies of the world like Meta, Twitter, Amazon have sent a large number of people home from work. Even now, the crisis of retrenchment has deepened on all the employees. If you have lost your job due to retrenchment then you do not need to worry much. You should consider these 5 points, it will help you to stand again.

Why are people’s jobs going

The last three years have not been good for the working people, first Corona forced people to quit and now again people are losing their jobs. Companies around the world had given jobs to people on a large scale after Corona. Companies felt that there would be a boom in business. But, the situation has not changed much after the pandemic. The recession in business has forced people to lose their jobs.

Big companies are laying off

Twitter has fired 3700 employees after Elon Musk bought Twitter. The world’s largest online shopping platform Amazon has also sent 10,000 people home from their jobs. Many companies, including Meta, Robinhood, Microsoft, Coinbase, Liftach, are involved in the retrenchment of employees.


Pay attention to these 5 things

Employees who have been retrenched. He should not think that he has been fired because of his bad work. You think that I have become a victim of retrenchment because the company is not able to generate revenue according to the market. Employees should not be troubled considering their performance as weak.

Employees who have been laid off must recognize their strengths and upgrade their skills. You can enhance your skills by choosing short term online courses in your field. Make yourself job ready in a new way in the next few months. Keep yourself positive during this time. Update your CV again, include some positive points in it.

After leaving the job, it is very difficult to maintain your expenses. From children’s education to all other needs, it is very difficult to maintain the expenses. Do not get trapped in the hassle of loans to maintain the expenses. Work can be done by taking loan from relatives. Taking loan will increase the burden further.

This is a difficult time but during this time take care of your mental health. This phase is bad but it can be fought with strength. Remember that this phase is also not permanent. Stay in touch with people you know, and keep chatting constantly.

Buy job loss insurance policy so that there is no such problem in future.

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