PPF Vs NPS: सरकार की 2 पॉपुलर स्‍कीम्‍स, Retirement Fund बनाने के लिए कौन है बेहतर  | Zee Business

Easy way to become a millionaire: only one scheme will make you rich, money will also be safe

Investment in PPF: The savings made in the days of youth give strength to a person in old age. If you want to take care of your needs even after the age of 60, then you have to get into the habit of investing with your first salary. In today’s time, people have many investment options. But safe investment is where better returns are guaranteed. That’s why instead of getting FD in the bank, you should invest in Public Provident Fund.

Getting 7.1 percent interest

The interest rate for PPF is decided by the government. At present, the government is providing interest at the rate of 7.1 percent to the investors of PPF. A special advantage of investing in PPF is that it gets the benefit of compounding interest. An investment of Rs 1 crore is made through PPF. If you start investing in PPF scheme from the age of 23, then when you cross the age of 60, you can have a fund of Rs 1 crore. Let us tell you how much regular investment will be required for this.

1 crore fund can be ready

Sometimes it seems difficult to meet the needs in the days of earning, so just imagine how difficult it can be if there is no fund in old age. To create a fund for old age needs, you have to keep investing Rs 5000 in a cost effective PPM account for 37 years. We all know that the PPF scheme matures in 15 years, but it can be continued even further. You can extend it for a tenure of 5-5 years. If you invest Rs 5000 every month in PPF from your young age i.e. 23 years of age and after 37 years i.e. when you will be 60 years old then you will have a huge fund accumulated.

This is how the fund will be prepared

If the investor starts investing Rs 5000 in PPF account from the age of 23, then till the age of 60 he/she will invest for 37 years. In these years the investor will make a total investment of Rs.22,20,000. If it is calculated according to today’s PPF interest i.e. 7.1 percent compounding interest, then the investor will get Rs 83,27,232 as interest. Now if the principal and interest are included, then this amount becomes Rs 1,05,47,232. In this way, at the age of 60, you will be able to raise a fund of more than 1 crore.

How to Transfer PPF Account

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