From Petrol, Diesel Rates To Change In Jet Fuel Price. Know Major Changes Ahead Of Budget

FIFA World Cup being held in Qatar, where petrol is cheaper than tea, tax zero


Petrol Price in Qatar: The prices of petrol and diesel in India have reached the sky for a long time. Some time ago, the rates of petrol had reached above 100 rupees in the country. Tax is one of the major reasons why petrol is so expensive in India. But do you know that there is a country where the rates of petrol and diesel are very low. These are so low that even a cup of tea costs more than this. The good thing is that the government of this country does not take tax from the people. But this country was not like this before. At one time it was very poor. This country is Qatar.

count in rich countries
Today Qatar is counted among the richest countries in the world. Qatar is one of the Gulf countries that currently hosts the Football World Cup. For your information, let us tell you that for the first time a country in the Middle East has become the host of the FIFA World Cup tournament. Qatar has spent a lot of money to make the FIFA World Cup a successful tournament.

spent $220 billion
According to media reports, Qatar is spending $220 billion for the FIFA World Cup. Now know about the cheap petrol in this country.

Petrol cheaper than tea
Petrol price in Qatar is cheaper than a cup of tea. The cost of one liter of petrol in Qatar in Indian Rupee is around Rs.30. While there the cost of a cup of tea is more than this. This is in a country which is among the richest countries in the world.

Exporter of Natural Gas
In today’s time, Qatar is the world’s largest natural gas exporter country. Qatar earns a lot from the export of natural gas. The benefit of so much earning is given not only to the government there but also to the people there. The people of Qatar are absolutely free from income tax. There are some types of taxes, but very less.

Electricity, water and medical facilities free
Citizens of Qatar enjoy free electricity, water and medical facilities. The total population of Qatar is around 3 million. Of these, only 10 percent are the original residents of Qatar. Indians constitute 25 per cent of Qatar’s population. The capital of Qatar is Doha. Once upon a time it used to be a fishing village.

vegetables are very expensive
You have come to know the rate of petrol in Qatar, which is very less. But vegetables there are very expensive. Actually Qatar is of sandy land. That’s why there is no farming there. Means vegetables are imported. For this reason it is expensive.

Rich people from America, Dubai and Saudi Arabia
The condition of richness in Qatar is that there are more rich people than America, Dubai and Saudi Arabia. Every third person in this country is a millionaire. That’s why people don’t work themselves. Rather, most of the work is done by other people.

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