Government took action against those who steal gas from LPG Cylinder! Now there will be QR code in the cylinder


QR Code in LPG Gas Cylinder: The government is going to take strict steps for the convenience of the customers using LPG Gas Cylinder. Often customers complain that the amount of gas in their domestic gas cylinder is 1 to 2 kg less. In such a situation, even after complaining about it many times, the customers are not able to trace it. Because of this, strict action is not taken against those who steal gas, but now the government has decided to take a tough step to catch such people. The government is now going to equip LPG cylinders with QR codes. With this, customers will get many facilities. Let’s know about this.

QR code will be installed in LPG cylinder
Giving information on this matter, Union Petroleum and Natural Gas Minister Hardeep Singh Puri has said that now the government is going to equip the LPG cylinder with QR code to prevent gas theft. Is. It will be somewhat like Aadhaar card. Tracking the gas present in the gas cylinder will be very easy through this QR code. Along with this, if someone steals gas in a gas cylinder, then it will be very easy to track it.


How long will the QR code be used in the gas cylinder?
While giving this information on the special occasion of World LPG Week 2022, Hardeep Singh Puri said that soon QR code (QR Code in LPG Gas Cylinder) will be installed on all LPG cylinders. The government has started working on the project. A target has been set to complete this work within 3 months. The thing to note is that the QR code will be inserted in the new gas cylinder. And in the gas cylinder, the metal sticker of the QR code will be pasted on the gas cylinder.

Know the advantages of QR code-
According to media reports, the presence of QR code (LPG Gas Cylinder with QR Code) in the gas cylinder will make its tracking very easy. Earlier, on complaining about getting less gas, its tracking could not be done easily, but now after the QR code is installed, it will be easy to track it. Earlier, it was not known from where the dealer had taken out the gas cylinder and which delivery man had delivered it at the customer’s house. But after the installation of the QR code, tracking of everything will become very easy. With this, the thief will be easily caught and this will create peace in the minds of the people. This will save him from stealing gas.

Apart from catching theft, this QR code has many other benefits. With this, the customers will know how many times the gas has been refilled so far. Along with this, how long has it taken for the gas to reach home from the refilling center. Along with this, now no one will be able to use the domestic gas cylinder for commercial work because from this QR code it will also be known that by which dealer the delivery of the gas cylinder has been done.

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