Harbhajan Kaur

Harbhajan Kaur Success Story: Earning lakhs at the age of 95


The brand name was given to the sweets after the demand increased.

As time passed and Harbhajan Kaur’s sweets. His demand also started increasing rapidly. After that Harbhajan gave a brand name to his sweets. In today’s time, his sweets are sold in the market by the name of Harbhajans. In today’s time, not only sweets of this brand are available. Rather, many things are available in the market today of this brand, such as pickle, almond syrup, gourd ice cream, flour panjiri, dal halwa, any number of things are available in the market.

The first earning was Rs 2,000.

Raveena, the daughter of Harbhajan Kaur, tells this. When this business was started, Maa was a local market at that time. Started selling barfi in it. Whose first income he had earned. It was 2 thousand rupees.

Anand Mahindra also praised Harbhajan Kaur

Businessman Anand Mahindra has also praised Harbhajan Kaur. He has given the title of Entrepreneur of the Year to Harbhajan Kaur. Harbhajan Kaur’s husband passed away in the year 2008. When her husband passed away, she started feeling very lonely. After that she started living at her daughter’s house. But there were all working people in his house. That’s why he didn’t like it. Only then when he was 90 years old. He had made a decision. That she has to work and today after 5 years she is the owner of a business worth lakhs of rupees.

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