Heating Bulb Will heat the house even without electricity


Heating Bulb:  Almost everything is becoming increasingly expensive. Today we are giving you information about such a bulb. Which you can easily use in winter. If you use this bulb, then in a pinch it heats the whole house very easily. The very special thing about this bulb is that this bulb works very well even without electricity. This bulb can heat the house for hours even without electricity.

can be easily bought online

If you want to buy this bulb, then you can also buy this bulb online. If you want to buy this hit bulb, then for this you will have to spend around two thousand five hundred rupees. You can also buy this bulb from Amazon.com website or through Amazon’s app. The name of this bulb is Simple Deluxe 100W/150W Reptile HIT Bulb. The cost of this bulb is around Rs.2600 on Amazon. According to the company’s claim, this bulb can be operated for 24 hours without electricity.

At Amazon India website this bulb is not available but you can buy PHILIPS 250-Watts Heating Bulb Hard Glass Explosion Proof only for ₹799

It takes 1 hour to get back to normal

If you use Simple Deluxe 100W/150W Reptile bulb and heat this bulb, then this bulb gets heated in a pinch. But the hit of this bulb. It is so much that when it is normal. Which takes about 1 hour to become normal. This bulb comes with an aluminum reflector. It also has a built-in on and off button. This temperature has to be controlled. For this, thermostat control has also been given in it. It is very important to keep this in mind. If it is to be cooled, then water should not be added to it. If you put water in it to cool it, then the bulb can get spoiled forever.

It is very easy to use this lamp, if you have to fit it then it can be fitted very easily. No electrician is required for this. Along with this, this bulb fits very easily on the table as well. The reason why this bulb is about 2.89 pounds. This means that you can fit this bulb anywhere. You will not have much trouble with it. Especially if you talk about any problem regarding its weight, then no problem is going to happen i.e. this bulb can prove to be a better option for you.

Cheap Mini LED Bulb will be able to burn even without electricity


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