Commercial LPG Gas Cylinder

If you have taken LPG connection, then you will get the benefit of Rs 40 lakh


Insurance on LPG Connection: We all have LPG Gas Connection at home, we all use it for cooking at home. Care must be taken while cooking with gas. Because if caution is not taken, a big accident can happen. Very few people know that the government gives an insurance cover of Rs 40 lakh on the cylinder. Let us tell you about it today.

Insurance cover is 40 lakhs

Petroleum companies provide personal accident insurance to customers while taking LPG LPG connection. The insurance cover of Rs 40 lakh is on blast and leakage of the cylinder. If any such accident happens then the customer gets financial help.

Petroleum company bears the cost

Oil Companies (OMCs) in India, i.e. HPC, Indian Oil and BPC, LPG take insurance cover for any kind of accident. The insurance cover also includes third party cover for property damage. Apart from this, oil companies also take beams for the entire company. Insurance plans are not taken in the name of the individual consumer. This is the reason why customers do not have to pay any premium for it.

how to apply for insurance

LPG customers can claim insurance under their LPG Insurance Policy. In this insurance policy, there is insurance cover for other losses including injuries caused due to gas cylinder explosion. Customers can claim insurance coverage of up to Rs 40 lakh for any accident due to LPG. You can take the help of this website to claim the insurance cover. Care must be taken while cooking with gas. Because if caution is not taken, a big accident can happen. 


Government took action against those who steal gas from LPG Cylinder! Now there will be QR code in the cylinder

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