IVOOMI S1 Electric Scooter launched, price less than Rs 70 thousand

IVOOMI S1 Electric Scooter : iVoomi Energy has introduced new scooter models namely S1 80, S1 200 and S1 240. These electric scooters have been upgraded and are available at a starting price of Rs 69,999. Their price goes up to Rs 1,21,000. Both these prices are ex-showroom. The S1 variant will be available to the customers from December 1, 2022 across all iVOOMi dealerships. Know further the details of these scooters.

Scooter will be available in three color options
iVOOMi S1 High Speed ​​Electric Scooter has been introduced in three color options. These include Peacock Blue, Night Maroon and Dusky Black. Note that the previous model i.e. iVOOMi S1 will still be available for Rs.85,000. The S1 240 offers an IDC range of 240 km and is powered by a 4.2 kWh twin battery pack with a 2.5 kW motor for added torque.

what is the top speed
The hardware and specifications of the S1 80 have been toned down compared to the S1. It uses a 1.5 kWh battery pack that comes with an IDC range of 80 km. The iVoomi S1 80 is powered by a 2.5 kW hub-mounted motor that is claimed to offer a top speed of 55 kmph.

Will get 3 modes to run
All the S1 variants get three riding modes. These include the Eco, Rider and Sport. iVOOMi claims to have expanded the portfolio to meet the demands of the customers.

More tech in scooters
Sunil Bansal, Managing Director & Co-Founder, iVOOMi Energy says, “We are expanding as an engineering oriented technology solutions brand and we believe the next logical step is to incorporate more technology into the scooters which will further create a connected ecosystem and ensure safety. The main focus in our S1 series was to match the ergonomics of Indian riders to the best possible standards.

GPS Tracker & Monitoring System
The latest iVOOMi models now come with ‘Find My Ride’ features along with a GPS tracker and monitoring system. This feature helps the customers to spot their electric scooter at crowded places. Buyers can buy this scooter from ICICI, Bajaj Finserv, and L&T at an interest rate of 7 percent per annum along with financing up to 100 percent of the electric scooter’s on-road price. The company has also announced its plans to expand to the southern Indian region, making all its models available by the end of December 2022. Started in 2001 under the leadership of Sunil Bansal and Ashwin Bhandari, iVOOMi has successfully grown in various segments like Telecommunication, Audio Equipment, Technology Accessories, DIY Components and Smart Gadgets. With a vision of a green and clean future, the company has entered a new era of providing sustainable mobility solutions.


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