Jatin Ahuja

Jatin Ahuja Success Story: Once sold pens on the streets


Jatin Ahuja Success Story: Jatin Ahuja is the owner of Big Boy Toys. Who once used to sell pens on the streets. But today he worked very hard and today he is the owner of crores of rupees. Let’s know the success story.

Used to sell pens at the age of 10

When Jatin was 10 years old. At that time he made profit by selling pens with his friends. Jatin who is living in Gurugram has earned the profits at a very young age. He had learned it. When Jatin was 23 years old, he became the owner of Big Boy Toys. Big Boy Toys has showrooms in many places like Mumbai, Hyderabad, Delhi, Gurugram. The Big Boys Toys brand converts a used car into a luxury car.

Started a business venture at the age of 17

Jatin’s father was a chartered accountant. Jatin who was the other child since childhood. He was different from them. Jatin was very fond of cars since childhood. According to Jatin, when he was young and when he was studying in class VI. At that time he had the idea of ​​starting a car company. This was his dream which made him a business man at the age of 17, he set up a business venture at the age of 17.

Today more than 150 people are working

When Jatin was 17 years old. He had bought a Mercedes S class at that age itself. After that Jatin refurbished the car. After that this was the car. Sold this car to him with a better profit. Jatin took 70 thousand rupees from his father and started Big Boy Toys and Jatin had this money. With this money, he also opened a studio in Delhi in the year 2009. At present, more than 150 people are working in his studio.

For many years, Jatin had a passion to convert his passion into business and Jatin did the same. He did not do the car business only. In the year 2006 Jatin saw a lot of demand for fancy mobile numbers and Jatin had bought 1200 sim cards. This was the business of fancy mobile numbers. He had got them a business worth Rs 24 lakh. By the year 2007, his business had reached Rs 2 crore. Jatin had entered the business of pre-owned luxury cars at that time. When there were many very big companies which were afraid to enter the market. But it was their faith and hard work. The one who made them reach success.


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