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Know here whether the mutual funds of Senior Citizens are good or not


Investing in Mutual Funds and subscribing to NFOs are increasingly attracting people. One misconception about mutual funds is that they are very risky for senior citizens. But it is important to know that mutual funds are also designed to meet the needs and risk appetite of senior citizens.

Other investment instruments also exist

Although traditional financial instruments such as fixed deposits and recurring deposits are still available for investment, the returns are lower for investors. Investments in FD do not beat the inflation rate.

Mutual funds are also a better option

The objective of mutual funds is to diversify the investments of investors and invest their money in securities such as stocks, bonds, ETFs and government bonds. Their returns are influenced by the market. In mutual funds, investors get the benefit of having their hard earned money managed by professionals. Investing in Mutual Funds can be done through Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) or lump sum payment. Investing in mutual funds is seen as an option for senior citizens. According to experts, mutual funds can help senior citizens beat inflation easily.

Senior citizens do not want to take risk

Senior citizens generally do not invest in risky investments. With increasing age, they are unable to manage the risks of investment. So they are always on the lookout for schemes that promise guaranteed returns. In these situations, the post office invests in savings options, fixed deposits of banks or National Pension Schemes (NPS).

Mutual funds are right for senior citizens

The truth is that mutual funds are really beneficial for the elderly and can prove to be an important investment option for them. It is true that mutual funds are affected by the ups and downs of the market. But they also get better returns.

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