Mutual Fund: How to add your nominee’s name, know the easy process here


Mutual Fund Nominee: For years, the Rs 39 lakh crore Indian mutual fund (MF) sector has been campaigning for investors to nominate someone for their mutual fund holdings. The drive got a fillip last month when capital markets regulator, the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) made it mandatory for MF investors to nominate or opt out of nomination. This rule has become effective from October 1, 2022 for new folios. Let us know that if you have not already made a nominee in your MF investment, then how can you make someone a nominee now?

Mutual Fund: Add such nominee's name, know the process

what is the benefit
The nomination facility enables the nominee or persons to receive the benefits of his investment in the event of the death of an investor. Mutual funds have this facility for years. There is always a column in the application form for appointing a nominee. Savvy investors have been nominating their near and dear ones. Mutual funds are also no different from other investment options. And to ensure this, nomination was mandatory for folios in single names.

what is deadline
SEBI has now made it mandatory for investors to make a nomination or opt out of nomination for existing folios, including folios run jointly. If existing folio investors do not comply with this norm, their investments will stand frozen and they will not be able to transact in them. The deadline for this is March 31, 2023. New folios can be created only after you register your nomination or explicitly opt out of this option.

Mutual Fund: Add such nominee's name, know the process

this is offline method
Accounts opened using the offline route, which are considered as wet signatures of the investor, are deemed to conform to the norms if they have explicitly chosen to be a nominee or have opted out (nominee) in the application form signed. not to create) option is selected. Investor. In case they have not done so, they can still do so by filling up the nomination form, signing it and then submitting it to the Registrar and Transfer Agent (RTA) or the mutual fund house.

How to do this work online
If you have opened an online investment account, check your mutual fund statement. Check whether there is a nominee in your folio or not. In online mode first go to your folio. There you will get the option to make a nominee. Like nominees are made for a bank account. The same has to be done here as well.

Mutual Fund: Add such nominee's name, know the process

nomination is required
Investing in mutual funds can help you achieve your financial goals. However, there are some financial goals that may be beyond your lifetime. For example, your spouse’s retirement or your children’s education. Nomination is necessary for such things. So that these targets can be fulfilled even after you.



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