EPF Account: क्या होता इनएक्टिव ईपीएफओ खाते में जमा अमाउंट का, क्या मिलता है ब्याज? जानिए नियम  | Zee Business

PF account holders are getting benefits up to 7 lakhs! Know what you have to do to take advantage of it


EDLI Scheme: Crores of people across the country work in the organized sector. A part of the salary of these people is deducted as PF and deposited in the account of Employees Provident Fund Organisation. The amount deposited in the EPFO ​​account is a great support for every salaried person, which he can use in bad times or after retirement. After completing the age of 60 years, the account holders get permission to withdraw all the money from the PF account. The government guarantees the money deposited in this account. In such a situation, it is a completely risk free investment.

To provide insurance facility to its employees, EPFO ​​also gives full benefit of Rs 7 lakh to the account holders under Idli scheme. Now the question must be arising in your mind that what is the idli scheme. The full form of Idli is Employee Deposit Linked Scheme. Under this scheme, every account holder gets insurance of Rs 7 lakh. Now we tell you who get the benefit of this insurance and how it can be claimed.

Know what is EDLI scheme and who gets the benefit
Under the Employee Deposit Linked Insurance Scheme (EDLI Scheme), every PF account holder gets accident insurance of Rs 7 lakh. If a PF account holder dies unfortunately, then in such a situation his family can get an insurance claim of up to Rs 7 lakh. Under this scheme, a claim of 35 times the monthly salary of the employee or up to a maximum of Rs 7 lakh can be received. The legal heir or nominee gets the right to take advantage of this scheme. EPFO often advises its account holders to update the nominee so that there is no problem in getting money in case of an emergency. The purpose of this scheme is that it can provide financial assistance to the family members of any PF account holder in case of accidental death.

Why is it necessary to have a nominee?
EPFO ​​always advises to update the nominee so that in case of sudden death of an account holder, in such a situation, there is no problem in claiming the money lying in the PF and the EDLI scheme. Nominee can easily take advantage of EPF, EPS and EDLI schemes. In the absence of a nominee, the legal heir will first have to get the Succession Certificate made. Only after this he can claim this money. All this work takes a lot of time and trouble. In this case, always keep the nominee updated in the account.


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