Equity-Contra Fund: Gave strong returns in 3 years, doubled the money


SBI Contra Fund was launched on July 14, 1999. It is a 19 year old open-ended mutual fund. It is a contra category equity fund with no lock-in period. Its Asset Under Management (AUM) as on 31 October 2022 is Rs 6,694 crore. Under Direct Plan – Growth Option of the fund, its Net Asset Value (NAV) as on Nov 15, 2022 is Rs 243.0931.

got star rating
It uses S&P BSE 500 as a benchmark. Both Value Research and CRISIL have assigned a 5 star rating to the fund. However, it is a very high risk fund to invest in. The scheme aims to provide the investor with an opportunity to earn profits over the long term by investing in a diversified portfolio of equity and equity related securities following a contrarian investment strategy.

what is the minimum investment amount
The minimum investment amount in the scheme is Rs 5,000 and the minimum SIP investment is Rs 500. The additional minimum investment amount is Rs 1,000 and the minimum balance is Rs 1,000. Similarly the minimum withdrawal amount is Rs 500. Exit load is 1% for redemption within 365 days. 1.06 percent till 30 September 2022 under the Expense Ratio Direct Plan.

Check Annual Return
lumpsum investment return
The fund has given returns of 11.16% in 1 year, 41.45% in 2 years, 31.61% in 3 years and 15.34% in 5 years.

SIP return
The fund has given returns of 22.85% in 1 year, 26.44% in 2 years, 36.51% in 3 years (this would have almost doubled investors money) and 25.28% in 5 years.

how is the portfolio
About 88.06 per cent of the fund’s money is invested in equity. The remaining 9.27 per cent is in debt and 2.67 per cent in cash and cash equivalents. The fund has invested in 75 stocks. The major sectors that hold shares in these include finance, tech, energy, automobile, healthcare, consumer staples, materials, metals and mining, services, chemicals, capital goods, construction, consumer discretionary, communications, insurance and textiles.

These are the top 10 stocks
Top 10 holdings of the fund include ICICI Bank, HDFC Bank, Infosys, Tube Investments of India, State Bank of India, HCL Technologies, Aster DM Healthcare, ITC, Axis Bank and Tech Mahindra. If your income is less and you save then invest it. Invest 20% of your income by saving money. If you invest a little every month through SIP, a huge fund will be created in the long run. You just have to invest continuously.

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