School children are running banks in Bihar

Bank in Bihar School : . A bank has been opened for children in Middle School (Nawadih) of Banke Bazar block area, 60 km away from Gaya city. Only students accounts are opened in this particular bank. Apart from opening an account, students are also given loans to buy study material. The bank is also operated by the students.

A bank has been opened in the library of Middle School (Nawadih) in the name of Children Bank of Nawadih. Loans are given to poor students to buy copy, pen, pencil, eraser and books from here. The principal here has started Children’s Bank for the children of economically weak families.

Children collect pocket money

Children deposit pocket money from their parents in the bank. The students withdraw the money as per the requairement. Buy your stuff according to your needs. The special thing about this Children’s Bank is that here children get loans up to Rs.1000. Children are learning the tricks of banking and profit and loss here.

The banking system is fully taken care of in Children’s Bank. Students deposit and withdraw money by filling out withdrawal forms and deposits to withdraw money, just like a national bank. School Principal Jitendra Kumar says that children often do not have the necessary equipment for studies, in such a situation, children can fulfill their needs by taking loans from here. In this way the education of the children is not affected. So far 60 children have opened accounts in the children’s bank of the school. Such efforts show the direction of improving the education system in Bihar.

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