tata tiago ev

Booking of cheapest electric car starts, will be charged in 57 minutes


Electric Car : Tata Tiago EV which is the cheapest electric car from Tata Motors. That car is getting the best support from the Indian customers. This electric car has got more than 20 thousand bookings within 1 month. Let us tell you that this electric car was launched by Tata Motors on 28 September. Although its booking at that time was not started.

If we talk about the price of this car, then the company launched this car (ex-showroom) at an initial introductory price of Rs 8.49 lakh. It was for those who had 10,000 customers in the beginning. However, when this electric car got 10 thousand bookings. After that, the introductory price was applicable till the next 10,000 bookings by the company. That price continued. Which is the top variant of this electric car. If we talk about its price, then the price of this electric car goes up to Rs 11.79 lakh.

10k bookings were received within 24 hours

According to the information given by the company, the initial 10 thousand bookings of Tata EV were. The company got it only within 24 hours. Tell me the booking of this car. It was started on October 10 at 12 noon. Where within a short time the company got 10 thousand bookings.

Colour, Variant and when will be delivered

Now if we talk about the delivery of this Tata Tiago, then the delivery of this electric car will start from January 2023. At the same time, this electric car is going to come with a total of 5 color options in the Indian market and a total of 7 variants of this car come in the Indian market. Which includes XE, XT, XT, XZPlus, XZPlus, Tech Lux, XZPlus and XZPlus Tech Lux.


Tata Tiago EV battery

Tata Motors’ cheapest electric car. That electric car has been launched with two battery packs. Where customers have the option to choose two options. In which there is an option of the first 19.2 kWh battery pack or the larger 24 kWh battery pack. The battery of both. IP67 certified. Its a 19.2 kWh battery pack. It is paired with a 45 kW motor with 105 Nm of peak torque. At the same time, it has a 24 kWh battery pack. It is paired with 55 kW, which will get peak torque of 114 Nm. The 19.2 battery pack will deliver a range of 250 km on a single charge and the 24 kWh battery will deliver a range of 315 km on a single charge. This EV takes 57 minutes to charge with a DC fast charger.

How to book Tata Tiago EV

 Book here at  https://bookonline.tataamotors.com/tiagoev

Booking price is INR 21000 

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