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Very Important News for PNB Account holders, otherwise


Very Important News for PNB Account holders

Information has also been given through SMS

In a press release from PNB, it has been said that the customers who have done KYC so far. It has not been updated, there are two notices on the registered address of those customers and the registered mobile number has been informed through SMS. In this regard, the bank had also shared the notification on social media on 20 and 21 November.

The bank told in its tweet. That as per RBI guidelines, it is mandatory for all customers to get KYC done. If you have any account. KYC updation was due till 30.09.2022, then what is the information regarding updating of KYC. You were already informed about that. For updation of KYC, the customer may approach the branch by 12.12.2022. If the customer does not update the KYC, then the operation of the account may be restricted.

RBI advised

RBI in view of the danger of increasing online fraud in the country. All the banks have been advised to update KYC regularly. Banks used to ask to update KYC once in 10 years, there are many such banks. Who are advising to update KYC even after a gap of 3 years.

These documents have to be submitted for KYC

If the customer has to update the KYC, then for this the customers will have to provide address proof, passport size photo, PAN card, Aadhaar number and their mobile number. This is the process. This can be completed by visiting the customer bank branch.

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